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If the state of affairs in your life at times seems bleak, you must read this story. If you struggle with a world that appears to grow colder from the scarcity of kindness, sincerity, and compassion, you must read this story. If the flame of your internal candle of belief is dwindling beyond recognition, you Must. Read. This. Story.

This story of hope promises on some level to make you smile, and maybe shed a tear. It’s most heartfelt at this holiday season when the air is laced with magic, but appropriate for year around.

My name is Kimberly Valentine. Sparky Pluggs is my doggie fur child. Similar to Sparky Pluggs, his doggie fur friends Schnitzel, Ralph, Max, Prudence, and Zoey Marie have mitral valve disease (MVD). Although the symptoms of MVD can be controlled with medication, the potential of fur babies succumbing to congestive heart failure as a result of MVD is a reality. 

But a special doctor has pioneered a technique to repair fur babies’ fragile hearts; his name is Dr. Masami Uechi, and he has partnered with the husband-wife team Drs. Sabine and Jean-Hughes Bozon.  One by one, Dr. Uechi repaired Sparky Pluggs and his friends’ tiny tender hearts at the Bozon Veterinary Clinic in Versailles France.

The Bozon Veterinary Clinic is owned by Drs. Sabine and Jean-Hughes Bozon, and is the centerpiece of this must read story. 

The Donor: A True Story of Kindness, Miracles and Hope

​By Sparky Pluggs and his Human, Kimberly Valentine
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