Even though Dr. Masami Uechi  is the Head Surgeon that actually performed the repair, he COULD NEVER  had done it without teamwork.  We are ESPECIALLY  grateful for the Japanese traveling over 6,000 miles to the Bozon Veterinary Clinic to fix Sparky Pluggs’ heart!

1. Dr. Kazuki Takamura, Instrumentist
2. Dr. Masami Uechi, Head Surgeon
3. Dr. Jean-Hugues Bozon, 1sr Assistant Surgeon (& Dr. Sabine's husband, and co-owner of the Bozon Veterinary Clinic)
4. Dr. Tomotsu Sawada, Perfusionist (Bypass Machine Operator)

1. Dr. Takeshi Mizuno, Anesthesiologist
2. Dr. Kayoko Harada, Instrumentist
3. Dr. Sabine Bozon, Cardiologist, Pre Operative Patient Profiler, and Director of the BEST AFTERCARE for us open heart surgery patients

    Meet Sparky Plugg’s AMAZING Mitral Valve Repair Surgery Team! The ONLY team in the world with a 95% success rate!